kiteboards lessons Tybee savannah
IKO Certified Instruction
We are the longest running school on Tybee, established 2000,
and offer the only IKO certified kitesurfing instruction in the area

With steady winds, flat water, and minimal crowds, Tybee is an excellent location to learn
We have been offering lessons on Tybee for 11yrs and have 20+ yrs of knowledge of the wind, current, and tides on Tybee. With IKO certified instruction (IKO is the only internationally recognized kiteboarding certification)and our proven techniques, we have turned hundreds of students into successful riders. We pride ourselves in teaching from a humble yet knowledgable point of view. With a very structured program, we get you up and riding safely and easily giving you the confidence to keep progressing on your own far beyond the lessons. We don't use trainer kites, and want you to get hands-on experience with proper gear in the water as soon as possible. No experience with trainer kites is necessary.

Our goal in kitesurf training is to get you up and riding as quickly,efficiently and safely as possible, not bleed your pocketbook dry by dragging out instruction with a complicated series of lessons.

After years of instruction we truly believe that a simple pricing structure is the best deal for our customer and future kiteboarder.
Our rate for kiteboard instruction is a simple hourly rate which includes an instructor and equipment.
We will assess your skill level and adjust and custom design a lesson to suit you. This is great for the novice who just wants to get a feel for the sport to see if it's for them, to the intermediate that just needs a refresher course. Our plan is also big money saver for someone with a strong board skills background such as a wakeboarder.
Make no mistake, all safety aspects will be fully covered and emphasized.

Simple rate: $150 per hour including equipment
Buddy rate of $125 per person per hour for 2 person lesson, also includes equipment

New! Polish Up Lesson! Already know how to ride, have your gear, but need a refresher course to keep your skills up to date and renew confidence?
Try our new Polish Up Lesson only $125.

Novice criteria covered:

  • Setup, rigging, & fitting your harness, many handy tips and confidence that make dealing with gear easy and safe.
  • Weather and launch site selection
  • The safety system and how it works
  • Self launch and self landing techniques.
  • Kite Handling, Physics & Comfort- The wind window and how it works, the power and neutral zones (We do not use trainer kites. We prefer to get you on proper kitesurfing gear right away.Flying trainer kites in kitesurfing lessons is a waste of your time and money$$.)
  • Water relaunching your kite- never sweat it when you drop the kite
  • Body dragging upwind- no silly downwind body drag through the water we get you going upwind right away.
  • Body dragging with board- learn to get upwind fast with the board in hand, saving you the "walk of shame" upwind
  • Waterstarting techniques- with our proven techniques we'll get you on your feet riding before you know it and you'll walk away with valuable skill to continue your progression on your own.
  • Self rescue

Intermediate to advanced criteria covered:

  • Upwind techniques
  • Transition techniques "How do I go the other way?"
  • Riding overpowered
  • Jumps
  • Rotations
  • Unhooked riding