10 June 2012

New Little Tybee Boarder Crosser SUP!

This new paddleboard is the result of a design collaboration between myself and Gary Wilson at Kinetic Surfboards.
Gary wanted a design to set his boards apart and fill a niche, and I've had a specific board design in mind for a while.
This board was directly inspired by my morning trips to Little Tybee. In the past I would often venture over to find some really good surf, only to be hampered by riding it on a raceboard, or finding myself too tired after paddling over on a surf-style SUP. What I really wanted for the job was a board with a displacement nose like a race-board yet with a tail that allowed some great surf performance. This way you can get to some remote surf easily, yet have some fun surfing a performance board while you're there, easily making the return trip.

After kicking around some ideas, this is what we came up with:

Length 11' Width 29.6" Thickness 4.5" priced at only $975 with fins!
You can see the displacement in the nose and tail rocker.
Enough displacement for glide and slicng through the chop, however not too much to hinder surfing performance.
Move well forward on the board to get it to displace the on-coming water for distance. Just step back to make it surf!
Tie-Down inserts on the top for gear/food/water for extended sessions
Nice tail outline and rocker for a good surfy feel off the tail. Pull the side bites out for distance paddling and replace for surfing.
Nice double concave from mid-section to tail for performance wave riding.

International Surf Day Paddleboard Race

Surfrider Foundation
International Surf Day Paddleboard Race

North Jetty, Tybee Island
Saturday, June 23rd

Paddleboard demos provided by Naish

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