29 May 2011

Intro Kitesurf Clinic for Surfers

kitesurf waves Tybee

Intro Kitesurf Clinic for Surfers

Have a surfboard? Tired of paddling in choppy surf? Thinking about adding a kite to the mix? Here’s your chance……
June 8th 5:30pm

This Introductory on beach clinic is specifically targeted for surfers who are interested in learning to kitesurf with their surfboards.

Focus will be on learning how a surf kite works and how to apply it to riding a regular surfboard.

Basically, get a taste of what it's like to have your own tow partner when it's windy and the surf is chopped out.

Points covered:
-Rigging launching and landing
-Safety system and techniques
-Kite control
-kite physics as it applies surfing
Cost $50 *Complimentary Naish Kitesurfing DVD included

Sign up here, space is limited