2013 Cabrinha Switchblade Kites

A fresh batch of 2013 Cabrinha Switchblade are in stock and ready to go at great prices.
This is the top selling kite in sport for several years over.
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Cabrinha kite gear 2012 sneak peek

Cabrinha Pro rider, Damien Leroy, dropped by the shop for a demo last week,
Unfortunately, there was no wind, but it was a good chance for our crew and locals to check out some of the 2012 gear on the way.
kiteboarding tybee
kiteboarding tybee
If you don't have a course race board, you'll want one
kiteboarding tybee
Damo was stoked to show off the new control system, super clean and simple with NO VELCRO!
kiteboarding tybee lessons
The practical use of the IDS line will make lessons and riding safer.
kiteboarding tybee lessons
If you don't want the light wind aspect of course race boards, but an easier ride, The new Transport board is the way to go.
kiteboarding tybee lessons
Now Cork construction .... a first!
kiteboarding tybee lessons
Another view of the transport
kiteboarding tybee
Cabrinha will offer the cutting edge of production course race boards for 2012
kiteboarding tybee cabrinha 2012
Beautiful brushed carbon construction and quad or tri-fin options
kiteboarding tybee cabrinha 2012
Super efficient high-aspect fins
The new Chopstick is a capped construction board that will offer rounded rails and an affordable price.
It'll also have some retro features that some old school kiters will remember.

Cabrinha Kiteboarding Demo with Damien Leroy

Cabrinha Pro Rider, Damien Leroy will be on Tybee Island for a hands-on demo with the latest 2012 kiteboarding gear
as well as conducting a lightwind/raceboard clinic. Monday, August 1st
Come checkout the new Drifter and Vortex kites!
There is no doubt that the popularity of these new boards is exploding. For the light-wind factor alone, not to mention the shock ing speed, these boards will introduce you to a whole new aspect of riding. However, they are not the easiest boards to ride.
If you would like to know how to scream upwind in as low as 8kts of breeze, sail more than twice the windspeed, this will be your chance to get some first-hand knowledge from one of the best course race board riders on the planet.
DSC_4454 copy