Fall Paddleboard Sale

Why buy used when you get a great new board for about the same price?

Tons great boards on Closeout Sale at the shop.

Adventure Explorer Bamboo From $895
Adventure 10' Only$795
NSP Coco Mat 9'2" $995

The best deals we've eve had on new boards

Standup Paddleboard Demo Day

Standup Paddle Demo Morning
Sunday, May 6th 9-11am, 18th Street Tybee
Come try out an assortment of new boards from Naish and NSP

Huge Naish SUP shipment

The latest and greatest from Naish Standup Paddleboarding has arrived!
New models of Nalus, Manas, Hokuas, Alanas, and Glides in stock and ready to rock!
Drop by the shop and check them out.
naish on rack

Standup Paddleboard FREE Demo Tybee

We'll be hosting a FREE Standup Paddleboard demo this Sunday morning, Sept 25th 8-11am.
We'll have some of the shorter surfstyle boards to check out to see if those boards are for you, as well as some all-arounders.
more info