New 2016 Slingshot paddleboards

We just loaded up with a ton of new Slingshot boards and paddles in the shop.
These are are going to be great all-around touring boards, and starting at just $795, an amazing value.
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The 2015 Naish Nalu 11'

The new 2015 Naish Nalu GT 11'

Naish SUP boards are outstanding in general, there's a reason they are the leaders in the sport, however there is occasionally a board is introduced that really stands out as special. After spending a lot of time on short-wide style boards, I've been wanting the go against the trend of the past few years of riders trying to get on the smallest board possible, and get a board that would make riding knee to thigh-high surf fun to ride, a board that would get on the wave early yet still be maneuverable, nose ride, and bring back the fun of longboard style surfing. In the past the 11'4" and 11'6" Nalu boards that have been in the Naish line for years have been a good choice for novice or 210lb+ rider, but I have always thought they were a bit boring with the advent of the 10'10 Naish Nalu. What caught my eye on the Nalu 11' was the wide nose outline and the thinner rail profile, (much thinner rails even than the Nalu 10'6"). These features for me spelled fun in small and/or slow waves.
My first session was in knee to thigh-high mushy surf with a little chop, conditions I'd normally not mess with and opt for a distance paddle on my race/touring board. I chose to de-fang the Nalu 11' a bit and install 4.25 tri-fin setup rather than the stock 9" center fin with side bites. I was really pleased with this board performed in poor surf. If you get toward the nose on take-off you can can get on a wave well before it breaks, at least milking a bit longer ride in small stuff. The really great part is how well this board maneuvers, it can drop in, bottom turn, nose ride and cut back in marginal sloppy surf, all while feeling plenty stable and never feeling like a barge as most 11' and up boards do. To sum this board up, it has the glide of a 11' plus board, but has the maneuverability of most 10' boards on the market. I still think if the surf is much over waist-high I'll opt for a Mana 9'5" or 8"10", however for anything smaller I'll grab this board every time. If you are in the area of 180lbs-225lbs and want a board that will put a smile on your face in less than optimal surf, this board is for you. If you are lighter than 180lbs or so you might want to get the Nalu 10'6". Albeit I'd choose the Nalu 10'6" GT with sidelights rather than the GS model.

NSP Blowout Sale

Just in time for Spring!!
NSP Blowout Sale

All NSP SUP boards 20% OFF or more!

NSP Cocomat Surf 9'2" X 29 1/5" Only $995 only 2 left
NSP Cocomat Surf 9'8" X 32"" Only $995
Sold Out!
NSP DC Carbon Surf 8'2" X 29 1/2" Only $895
Reduced! only 1left
NSP Coco Carbon Race 14" Only $1400

Adventure Paddleboards

Looking for a good all-around paddle board at a price that won't break the bank?
Look not further than Adventure paddle boards with prices starting at only $795, they also have features that include a ledge carry handle, and tie-down points for gear. Flat water and all-around surf models available in sizes from 7'0" to 12'0". You simply can go wrong with these boards, an amazing value.


NSP Flatwater Race/Touring Boards Unreal Price $795!!

On Sale Only $795 w/leash!!
The NSP Race SUP range is great for downwinders, racing, fitness, training and cruising. They were designed for speed with long glide and have proven to be super fast in all conditions.

The 14'0 is our fastest recreational racer with a displacement entry to flat bottom design ending in a pintail with crisp hard rails providing clean release and easy planing. This board is not only moves, but with the volume at 266 ltr it can be used by anyone that wants to cover some distance fast for training or racing. The 12" keel fin is designed for minimum resistance and the deck pad is lightly inset to increase stability. This is a fun, fast way to keep in shape. The weight of this board is approximately 15.7kg/34.5lbs.

28 1/4''
7 1/8''
220 ltr
12" Single
ideal for all weights
28 1/2''
6 3/8''
266 ltr
12" Single
ideal for all weights

S.I.C. F-16 In Stock

Now in Stock! The F-16 , the most successful open ocean racing and crossing standup paddleboard of all time. come complete with steering system installed

NSP 12' Touring Standup Paddleboard on SALE


The SUV of paddleboards now at a great deal at only $995 while they last.
Comes complete with traction, leash, and fibreglass fin.
Plenty of tie-down inserts to strap down your gear!

The NSP Flat Water SUP is great for downwinders, racing, fitness, training and cruising. It is wide enough to take on riders of all sizes and appeals to beginners and families looking for a great touring and fishing board.
The 12'0 displacement hull is the board of choice for all recreational activities where covering distance and stability are important. This board has a set of plugs across the nose, set up for webbing, to hold your transport items. Whether you are going fishing, picnicking on an island, or just want to take a dry bag of gear offshore to your boat, this is the most stable and efficient board. For working out and exploring this board can’t be beaten. It is our most stable, flat-water board.

New Sandwich Island Composite boards

We're super stoked to be the new exclusive area dealer for Sandwich Island Composite standup boards.
SIC headed up by mastermind Mike Raaphorst was the first to build high-perfomance open ocean race SUP boards and has been the "go to guy" for top athletes who need custom race boards. Now these fine tuned shapes are being offered as production boards so anyone can get one.
board lineup

Naish Nalu 11'6" SUP Only $895

The best deal we've ever offered on a top quality paddleboard... get one while they last!
Designed and tested in Maui

Back in stock New low price!

Naish Nalu Sport 11'6" paddleboard only $895
UnknownThe Nalu 11’6” is the standard by which all other full-sized SUPs are judged. This board is thick and stable and surfs rail to rail like a much shorter board. Suitable for riders 200 lbs. and up, the Nalu 11’6” features classic lines, unbeatable construction and awesome all-around appeal. Its timeless design has made it one of the best selling SUPs of all time.
Also great for SUP Yoga
Best value you can buy in an SUP .... Period

New Little Tybee Boarder Crosser SUP!

This new paddleboard is the result of a design collaboration between myself and Gary Wilson at Kinetic Surfboards.
Gary wanted a design to set his boards apart and fill a niche, and I've had a specific board design in mind for a while.
This board was directly inspired by my morning trips to Little Tybee. In the past I would often venture over to find some really good surf, only to be hampered by riding it on a raceboard, or finding myself too tired after paddling over on a surf-style SUP. What I really wanted for the job was a board with a displacement nose like a race-board yet with a tail that allowed some great surf performance. This way you can get to some remote surf easily, yet have some fun surfing a performance board while you're there, easily making the return trip.

After kicking around some ideas, this is what we came up with:

Length 11' Width 29.6" Thickness 4.5" priced at only $975 with fins!
You can see the displacement in the nose and tail rocker.
Enough displacement for glide and slicng through the chop, however not too much to hinder surfing performance.
Move well forward on the board to get it to displace the on-coming water for distance. Just step back to make it surf!
Tie-Down inserts on the top for gear/food/water for extended sessions
Nice tail outline and rocker for a good surfy feel off the tail. Pull the side bites out for distance paddling and replace for surfing.
Nice double concave from mid-section to tail for performance wave riding.

International Surf Day Paddleboard Race

Surfrider Foundation
International Surf Day Paddleboard Race

North Jetty, Tybee Island
Saturday, June 23rd

Paddleboard demos provided by Naish

Special on Nalu 11'6" only $995

30% Off All Hinano clothes and accessories.

25% Off All Kaenon Sunglasses

The Savannah Outrigger will have their 23' outrigger canoe on hand

Huge Naish SUP shipment

The latest and greatest from Naish Standup Paddleboarding has arrived!
New models of Nalus, Manas, Hokuas, Alanas, and Glides in stock and ready to rock!
Drop by the shop and check them out.
naish on rack

NSP Cocomat paddleboards in stock!

The long awaited NSP Cocomat standup paddleboards are in stock.
2 already sold right off the truck!

These boards feature a natural coconut husk fibre construction that is both beautiful and functional. (and affordable)
While having a unique natural look, these boards are both lighter and stronger than most carbon fibre constructed boards, making these boards great for performance surfing as well as touring and yoga. Ladies,look no further for super light board!
At only $1295 including a leash, these boards are much more affordable than carbon fibre constructed boards.

The pictures don't do these boards justice, drop by the shop to see it first hand and feel for yourself how light weight these boards are.

NSP Paddleboard Special

NSP 10'6" X 32"with leash and Trident carbon paddle
Only $995
This is a great all-around board, easy to surf and super stable.
Also a great board for yoga. If you're not sure what board to get, this is the board to get, you can't go wrong
At $995 the design, durabilty and attention to detail, blows away bargain internet boards at a similar price.


Tybee North Jetty SUP session video

A fun November session small, but picked up later in the day.
November North Jetty SUP Session

At First Glide- standup paddle movie premier

Standup Paddle Movie Premier
Saturday October 15th, 8:00 pm
At The Board Loft- Tybee Island

Come out and see the first full feature length SUP Movie on the big screen at The Board Loft
Food , Drinks, Friends

Tim Malins- Standup Journal 100 Who's Who in SUP business

Tim Malins, founder of The BoardLoft Tybee Island, named one of Standup Journal's 100 Who's Who in SUP business


Surfers For Autism!

Surfers For Autism
This Saturday, July 23rd

W'ell be out south of the pier with a fleet of SUPs and pairs of hands to help out with a great cause and stoking some kids out!

Come join us for some rewarding fun!

New Naish Standup Paddleboard shipment

For those of you waiting, we just received a fresh batch of Naish standup paddleboards in stock

New boards include:

  • The ever popular Mana 9'5" bamboo
  • The Mana 7'9"- surprisingly stable yet super light a maneuverable
  • The Catalina 12'6" the fastest, most stable flatwater displacement hull board you'll find
  • The Hokua 8'5" - no compromise wave destroyer

Movie/Party at the Boardloft

International Surf Day celebration with
SUP/Kitesurf/Surf Movie showing at the Boardloft
Naish House 2

Prizes for SUP race winners
Monday June 20th at 8:00pm
naish logoboardloft logo kiteboarding standup paddle tybee savannah

Chuck Patterson on Naish

Chuck Patterson now on Naish SUP Team
He'll be competing and working in R&D on raceboards

New! Online shop

Now you can shop with us from home. We've launched our new online shop, great deals on paddlesurf and kitesurf gear and accessories. New products are being added regularly, keep an eye out for unreal specials.