Standup paddleboarding is exploding in popularity, for one reason, it embraces everyone....from the complete novice, to the seasoned waterman.

Whether you're just starting out or are already an experienced paddler, we have the board and paddle to fit you. From speedy raceboards to skatey surfboards... we have the right board and paddle combination to suit you. We have been instructing and stocking gear for standup paddleboarding on Tybee Island since 2006 and we are confident we can provide you wil the best knowledge and service in the area.

Advantages of standup paddle surfing

  • Stay in shape-Standup paddleboarding is an outstanding full-body workout. It's an excellent way to cross-train for all kinds of sports. It a great way to get fit while getting out in the fresh air.
  • Ride often- You can ride tons of waist-high and smaller waves that wouldn't be possible even on longboards, much less shortboards. Basically, you can paddle more than twice as fast as your average longboard. Flat water cruising is still fun and highly recommended in order build the skills to challenge the surf. You'll find yourself catch more than twice the waves you'd get on a normal surfboard, your wave count will go through the roof!
  • Transportation/cruising- With the leverage of the standup position, you can out paddle most canoes and kayaks. With the high vantage point, you can see over marsh grass, waves or other obstacles that you wouldn't be able to in a sit-down position, making navigating that much easier.
  • Fun- Standing up is so much more fun that laying down on a board or sitting in a boat. Also, the technical aspect of using the paddle is fresh and interesting compared to conventional surfing.

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