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My name is Tim Malins and I started standup paddling on Tybee Island 5 years ago. When I started, very few people were interested, but since then I have seen remarkable growth. Over the years I've sought out the specific skills that separate an average paddler from a great one. One thing I know for sure, a paddler with better skill is having more fun by going faster for greater distances, and catching more waves with less effort and frustration.
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Now that paddleboarding has exploded onto the scene, many outfits are sprouting up ready to cash in, making it difficult to choose who to go to for proper instruction.
Any school can teach you to stand on a board and paddle, our goal is to take you far beyond that. We'll help you avoid bad habits that will slow you down and take you off balance. SUP paddling has less in common with traditional canoe and kayak paddling methods and has more in common with Polynesian outrigger techniques. Make no mistake, this sport is Hawaiian, and these techniques have been passed from generation to generation. We maintain a close relationship with board and paddle manufacturers to keep abreast of recent developments and have a strong rapport with pro-level paddlers. We are dedicated to teaching our students the proper way to paddle and are proud to see our customers effortless catching waves and accomplishing long distance paddles at remarkable paces. In short, I am confident that we have the best SUP instruction in the Savannah area.
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Instruction criteria covered:

  • Equipment choice - what type and size of board and paddle for who
  • Starting off - mounting the board
  • Balance & Stance- correct posture is everything
  • Correct paddle length and grip
  • Stroke technique, the catch, power stroke, release, recover
  • Hawaiian stroke, Tahitian stroke - what's the difference and how do you apply them?
  • Safety - how to avoid some common SUP injuries

  • Negotiating the shorebreak
  • Paddling out through surf - climbing over waves while keeping your balance.
  • Turning - how to bring your board around to catch that wave without losing too much momentum.
  • Wave catching paddle techniques - catch that wave with less effort
  • Wave riding - using the paddle to maintain speed, balance and turn!
  • Go shorter!- tips & tricks for riding the new modern sub 9' SUPs that are becoming so popular yet can be tricky to ride.

Whether you are just getting started, or have a few skills and want to progress more quickly, or simply want a fun way to check out the local environment and wildlife, we can custom tailor a session just for you.

Simple rate: $80 per person 1.5 hrs all equipment
All skill levels
Lesson or tour is custom tailored to you

Group rate of $50 for groups of 6 participants or more