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2016 Crossbreed
Hardboard 11'

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Only $995

Whether paddling the waters of a calm mountain lake or waist-high ocean waves, Slingshot’s 11’ Crossbreed is the ultimate all-around standup paddle board. The shape, width and volume of the Crossbreed (11’x 33”x 230L) add up to a user-friendly profile that’s stable and forgiving enough for beginners just getting into the sport, while sturdy and maneuverable enough for advanced paddlers looking for high-end performance in a wide range of conditions. The extra volume makes paddling with extra kids or dogs a blast, while the board’s V- spine bottom turns easily, cuts through chop and can small wave conditions.

Advanced materials and manufacturing science combine to build a strong but lightweight board that delivers an incredible experience. The Crossbreed is constructed with our new two-stage compression molded technology. The first stage of the process starts by precision molding an EPS core. The molding final stage blends rugged fiberglass and epoxy - the same PMU top and bottoms material found in Slingshot wakeboards and kiteboards.

Board comes with: Full cockpit-length EVA pad for traction, four tie-down plugs to secure items on the board and a vent plug to manually equalize internal pressure due to heat and atmospheric pressure change, leash attachment point and 9" plastic center fin. 
Product Weight - approx. 33 lbs
Suggested Max Weight -  250 lbs

2016 Crossbreed
Soft Top 11'

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Only $895

Definitely not your average soft top SUP, Slingshot’s 2016 Crossbreed 11’ Hybrid Soft Top sets a new standard for boards of its class. Unlike the flimsy, foam- core construction of most soft tops on the market, The Crossbreed Hybrid Soft Top is built with the same bomber construction as our hardboard and is then finished with a cushy final layer that gives it the friendly and rugged soft-top characteristics.

The board is constructed with a molded EPS closed cell core wrapped in a protective skin, fiberglass layers, an ASA top sheet and a High Density EVA Thermomold, giving it the rigidity and performance of a hard board but the durability and user-friendliness of a soft top. Load it in a pickup truck, toss it in a camper or pile it in a van and rally; the Crossbreed Soft Top’s durability makes it the perfect board to hold up to the abuse of family paddling, picnics at the beach and campouts with friends, while its shape, stiffness, bottom profile and rock-solid construction make it a board capable of anything a traditional SUP can handle.

Board comes with: Full EVA deck pad, a grab handle for easy carrying, four D rings up front for bungee attachments, leash attachment for added safety and surfing, 9" plastic center fin and hardware.

Product Weight - approx. 33 lbs
Suggested Max Weight - 250 lbs

2016 Crossbreed
Soft Top 11'

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Only $795

Discover the convenience of a full-size, full-performance SUP that fits into your lifestyle.
LIGHTWEIGHT for ease of handling. Quick and easy set up.
SAFE for boats, cars, pools, decks, pets and people.
IMPACT-RESISTANT, no dings, no denting, no abrasion.
HIGH-PERFORMANCE shape is quick, maneuverable and stable. Shaped with 35 years of experience by Master Shaper Tony Logosz.
VERSATILE: and great for you and your family. Adults, kids and pets all love it. Built for lakes, ocean, small surf, rivers, boating, swimming and all-around fun.Package comes with: full deck
EVA traction pad, bow and aft storage bungees, bow and stern anchor/tow rings, dual action speed pump, pressure gauge, backpack storage bag, repair kit and a 9” keyless removable fin. Also included is an extended 2-year warranty against manufacture defects.

Product size (inflated): 11’ long, 34” wide, 6” thick, volume 331 liters.
Size in the box: 11” wide, 6” thick, 34” long.
Product Weight: Approximately 26 pounds.
Suggested max weight: 350 lbs.
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