Adventure Paddleboards

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We've always wanted to offer our customers with a quality all-around board at an affordable price. The new Adventure Paddleboarding range of Stand Up Paddle boards (SUP) offers fantastic designs at a price that won't break your bank balance. From versatile all rounder shapes for SUPing in the surf or flat water, to more streamlined designs suited to exploration and distance paddling on strictly flat water, Adventure Paddleboarding has you covered regardless of your age, gender, or experience level.
Adventure Paddleboarding is all about fun and we've even catered to the kids and younger paddlers joining the ever-growing global SUP community. This is the best value product on the market.Period!

Prices starting at only $795

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The displacement shape of The Explorer is designed to cut through the water and provide great tracking capabilities. The chop-piercing nose sheds water to the rail, and is equally at home in smooth or mildly bumpy conditions. The flat bottom design is very stable and provides effortless glide and flow.
The subtle recess on the deck offers maximum comfort, and gives the rider additional control and balance by placing them closer to the waterline.
Other features include the ergonomic carry handle, textured deck traction, and extra nose plugs for creating a forward storage zone.
The Explorer was designed to suit a variety of age groups. This is an affordable flat-water SUP packed with features that will provide hours of fun, and unlock endless possibilities on the water.
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