FCS 3DS Side Fin Set
A stand up paddle fin featuring unique wing tip. Designed to add stability, speed and enhance manoeuvrability.
Construction: Performance Core FCS has released the new 3DS side fins developed by John Harris of the Gold Coast in Aust. Harris is known for his invention of the 3D red tip trailing fin. He has been perusing the on flow of 3D technology. 3DS offers the following performance benefits for side fins on longboards and SUP’s. The fins allow the boards to roll quicker and smoother rail to rail and help the rider to engage the rail easier and hold the arc of the turn longer. The nose ride well and offer much smoother big board turns without stalling.
Specs Base: 4 1/4” 108mm Depth: 4 5/16” 110mm
FCS Paddleboard fin
FCS 3D Red Tip Fin Centre
The FCS 3D Red Tip Large fin was designed with a unique tip in PC construction to maintain speed over dead sections, drive through turns and add stability in turbulent waters. Performing better than a standard thruster set, the Red Tip was designed to run parallel to your board, giving you extra lift, stability, and balance in choppy waters.
“This fin has heaps of drive and is more stable at high speed”, says Gary Elkerton, three-time Masters world champion.
The 3DS series is an amazing development is SUP surfing. These uniquely shaped finds dramatically increase speed and flow, whole promoting tighter, smoother turns.The 3DS Large can be used as sides or as quad rears, and when paired with the 3D Red Tip in the center provides remarkable speed and low drag.

FCS Weed Fin 10"
FCS Weed fin 10”
Ideal for straight-line flat water and open ocean paddling
Performance Core material and construction is designed to deliver the feeling of a traditional fibreglass fin with the added performance of reduced weight. The RTM (Resin Transfer Moulding) process produces a lightweight fin with remarkable flex, a smooth feel and an impressive aesthetic.